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Rick Araujo | Christian Author


We win the battle against the forces of darkness one soul at a time!
Hosea 4:6 My people are being destroyed because they don’t know me.

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You have a great approach to a unique subject. You have done a great job at showing how God's word changes everything, not just information or knowledge, but even our physiology.

Pastor Randal Ackland

Lead Pastor, Crossroads International Church

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Having been a Christian for almost 60 years. I have been teaching for 52 years and preaching for 41 years. I have pastored churches for over 25 years. Because of all this, the book reassured the concept of “you are what you think”. If you feed the spiritual mind, you keep your mind on God. If you feed your carnal mind, you never really get to know all the blessings from God and know Him as you should. Chances are, you may not know Him at all.

Pastor Tom Saggs

Deepwater Baptist Church

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I still have not finished this book, but it has made a positive impact on my life already. I have come to understand the words of the Bible, more than before. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT EVERYONE SHOULD READ. I have always the lord in my heart and soul, but read this book! It is a must read for everyone that might be struggling with any kind of problems.

Shiela Mason

Manager Burger King

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My name is Barbara and I sincerely appreciated your book! My friend gave me your book and because of it God has healed my heart. I have forgiven my ex husband and now I'm healed spiritually, emotionally and physically.

God Bless You my Brother - B Gay

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Rick has composed a unique Christian book that is most outstanding. He successfully outlines a complex subject like Quantum Physics and explains it so that non-scientific minds can completely understand it and then apply it.


The main topic I focused on was forgiveness. This book goes into detail how unforgiveness led to destruction and forgiveness can renew our lives to happiness and a joyful heart. It's backed by strong Biblical references that simply cannot be denied. 


I am looking forward to reading his next book on nutrition and healing. In addition, I will keep this book as a sound reference for my Biblical collegiate courses I will be teaching this semester. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a child of our savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!


Dr. John Michael Domino

Christian Author; Biblical Instructor

Logos University

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Your work is fascinating and quite inspirational. The melding of the spiritual with the scientific is artful and fascinating. The work, to me, is insightful and readable with just enough scripture to back up your theses without being "preachy"! "The Poison of Unforgiveness" was my favorite chapter. You explained beautifully the self destructive nature of holding a grudge, a habit my Irish Catholic family has made into an art form.

Jill Stone

High School English Teacher

Bishop Brady High School

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I read this book with an open mind and heart! The Lord spoke to me through this book. I had a slight understanding of how your mind works. This book gave me a better understanding of how God has been trying to speak to me, but I only had a limited number of neuropathways due to my lack of meditation on God's Word. I now realize the majority of the time the only voice I was hearing in my mind was that of the devil. This book has opened my eyes to the real value of "renewing my mind" with God's Word! Thank you God for laying this on Rick's heart. Thank you Rick for your hard work and dedication to God's Word. I say everyone needs to read this book! It is a GREAT read.

Charles Burke

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Great job Rick!  I am impressed!  It is a great reminder for me as well, but it is a book that can help SO many people who are stuck in their ways.  Keep it up!

Jim Westerfield

Five Star Real Estate Professional 

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The physics of transforming your mind is interesting. It drives home how we change into what we internalize by constant, repetitive thought. What consumes the mind controls your life. Your testimony is very compelling also. I did not realize all you have been through.

Kevin Barrett

In The Press



I reside in Gainesville, GA., and love Papa, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to whom I owe my life.

In addition to being an up-and-coming Christian author, I am a computer programmer, design websites, and own Go Drone Video Productions. I am a certified FAA drone pilot. My drone company specializes in drone photography/videography for businesses and the real estate profession. Absolutely love what I do!

If you would like to view samples of my drone videos, you can go to my YouTube channel. Open YouTube and in the search bar type in my company name. There are over 50 videos on there.

My passion in life is helping people! As mentioned in my book, I died when I was 52 years old. Funny how death has a way changing one’s priorities!!! To say I needed to make some serious changes in my life is an understatement. Important to note Jesus will meet anyone wherever they are in their life… even if He must reach down into the grave to do it.

I truly believe the saving of my life miracle was not just for my benefit, but for all who will listen to my story. Depending on your age, you either already know or will learn… time waits for no one!  Today is the day to face the inevitable, is God real or not? We are all going to live for eternity, and it is my earnest prayer that we will all spend eternity in heaven together!

The "Foundations" book has paved the way for a prison ministry. I am currently teaching women at New Beginnings Women's Recovery Program in Martin, GA, how God's Word changes our physiology. Hands-down... the most rewarding thing I have ever participated in! All praise and glory to Him!

Hobby: Bowling - I am a life-time Bowling Hall of Fame inductee.

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