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Death Spiral Vs Life Spiral

The third book in the series, "Death Spiral vs Life Spiral", is a summary of the first two books and will complete the vision given to me by the Holy Spirit showing how God's Word changes us from the inside out on a neurological level. In this book, I will be doing a comparison of a mind (neurological tree) shaped by the world/devil versus a mind (neurological tree) shaped by God's Word! 

The book will have awesome graphs and illustrations to help you easily understand how a mind shaped by the world/devil depletes the availability of serotonin (a neurotransmitter responsible for aggression, behavioral issues, and emotional control) in our body.  The graphs and illustrations will also show you how the worldly/devil mindset spreads to those in our inner circle of family and friends which, left unresolved, concludes in either a broken relationship or, in the worse case scenario, suicide.


Conversely, using the graphs and illustrations, I will show you how having God's neurological mindset recovers our serotonin levels producing a sound mind, restores our immune system, and protects our inner circle of family and friends. 


The summation of all three books will allow you to see the depth of Gods’ love for us and His plan for redemption in a way you would have never imagined!

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