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Discover The Science Behind How Jesus Can Change Your Life!

NOW… is the TIME to do SOMETHING

Quoting from the Matthew West song: Do Something, “but I am sick and tired of life with no desire. I don’t want a flame; I want a fire. I wanna be the one who stands up and says… I’m gonna do SOMETHNG”.


The something I am determined to do is to become a hero to as many people as possible!

Wow, that’s great for you Rick, but I am just me! How could I ever make a difference in anyone’s life, let alone be a hero to someone? I am stuck in the treadmill of life just struggling to make ends meet. I have no real purpose in life!

What if this Holy Spirit inspired course is actually a turnkey solution enabling you to take the compassionate cry of your heart for suffering people and turn it into a difference making action? Can there be anything in life more purposeful and honorable than becoming a lifesaving hero to someone?  

If ever there was a time to form an army and take a stand against the devil… it is now! The devil is literally using the internet and the many forms of social media as vehicle to kill, steal and destroy as many people as possible!

The vision given to me is to form the “All the Glory to Him Army” made up of educated soldiers, people who have graduated from this course. The course is a Holy Spirit masterpiece of wisdom imparted to me resulting from my death. The course details are coming up in the next slide. 

The purpose of the Army is to declare war against depression and suicide. According to the national institute of mental health, 19.4 people suffered from major depression in 2019. Even worse; suicide in the US has killed more people than wars, murder and natural disasters combined!

The epic proportions of depression and suicide are effectively a plague affecting the entire world! In Numbers 16:48 we read; “he stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped”. I am asking for your prayers and faith with works to help me be a difference maker!

Uniquely, this Holy Spirit inspired vision is not looking to create an unpaid voluntary army. In fact, it is an opportunity to become a business owner requiring a whopping $30.00 investment… the one-time cost of the course! Upon completion of the course, you will be issued a graduate certificate not only welcoming you into the army, but also positioning you to start generating residual income through the Individual Affiliate Program. Details of the program can be found in the menu bar.

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